Matritech Inc.
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Tool & Die Makers

Matritech offers tool and die making services with over 25 years of experience. We can offer a solution to any tooling challenge such as oversize parts, fine details, and complex shapes. We perform all our design and manufacturing in-house, so we can provide stringent quality control from start to finish. Our company is known for technical knowledge, professionalism, and reliability. We strive to be an extension of our clients' businesses by understanding their needs and adapting our methods to suit them. With our capabilities in tool making, metal parts production, and finishing, we offer a one-stop shop.

Tool and die making

Both progressive dies and manual transfer dies are available. Progressive dies are well suited to high-volume parts production.  Material is continuously fed and moves automatically from station to station as the tool progressively creates each part. The process is highly efficient and offers low cost per part.

Manual transfer dies are appropriate for metal sheet bending short runs and they are a preferred choice for making parts that are deep and/or complex. When compared to progressive dies, manual dies offer a lower initial investment, but they require parts to be manually transferred from one stage to another.

When performing tool and die making, we always provide acceptance parts and documentation for approval by the client.

Company expertise

Matritech provides both tool making and metal parts production services under one roof. Thanks to our extensive experience in tool and die making, we are able to offer our customers a number of advantages. For instance, our processes are completely integrated, from our design and fabrication services to on-site testing and inspections. We work with customers in many different sectors, which has developed our ability to optimize all types of projects and provide innovative solutions.

Additional services

A variety of other metal parts manufacturing services are available such as laser cutting/CNC punching, robotic and CNC bending, robotic and manual welding, CNC machining, extrusion, and more. A range of finishing services are also available such as painting, plating, anodizing, silk-screening, and passivation.

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