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Wire & Cable Connectors

At Lapp Canada Inc., we manufacture a comprehensive line of wires, cables, motors, and cable accessories for the automation markets. Established in 1957 when Oskar Lapp developed the first colour-coded and branded cables in the world, regional members of the Lapp Group build long-term relationships with their customers and offer them specific solutions using our innovative technologies. Headquartered in Mississauga, Ont., we are focused on customer satisfaction and developing innovative products. We are proud to offer shipping within 48 hours of receiving an order, as well as a free computer-automated design (CAD) download service that can simplify using Lapp products in your facilities.

Wire and Cable Connectors Product Line

We offer a full range of wire and cable connectors.

  • Oil-resistant flexible control and power cables suit a wide variety of applications in industrial environments. They are also coolant- and chemical-resistant, and can easily withstand dry, damp and wet conditions. This minimizes lost production and downtime, saving users money. The Ölflex® 190, for example, consists of finely stranded bare copper conductors, PVC/nylon insulation, and an oil-resistant PVC jacket. They are very flexible and number-coded for easy routing and termination.
  • Torsional robotic cables transmit control and monitoring signals as well as power. They can withstand extreme twisting and bending stresses, their PUR jackets protect against harsh plant environments, and their surface quality prevents adhesion to nearby cables. The Ölflex Robot 900 P consists of copper conductors, TPE insulation, and a polyurethane jacket.
  • Continuous flex data cables are designed for industrial signal and bus applications. Resistant to most solvents, oils and coolants, their flexibility allows for easy installation in even tight spaces. The Unitronic® FD 890 consists of copper conductors, PVC insulation, and a PVC jacket.

Wire and Cable Connectors Industrial Application 

We serve a wide variety of industries, including the robotics, automotive, automation, oil and gas, food and beverage, and wind energy market sectors.

Wire and Cable Connectors Manufacturing Process

Our products are manufactured in our seventeen ISO 9001:2009-certified facilities around the world, and we take great pride in our state-of-the-art equipment and our dedicated production team members who remain well informed and trained in technical advancements. Our quality management system is based on both customer feedback and internal processes, and we offer mechanical, environmental, electrical and other testing in our Centre for Competence and Testing.

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