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Pumps from LN Electric Motors Ltd. offer performance and durability that put them above the competition. Available in a range of speeds, these products are highly energy-efficient, saving money without compromising their performance. Our wide selection also ensures that we have a product for nearly any application.

Unprecedented selection of pumps

Our pumps come in a variety of models, with each offering unique functions and strengths.

We carry spa pumps that provide powerful three-phase performance, with one-phase options available. These electric pumps run at between 3/4 and five horsepower. Coolant pumps are also available in one- and three-phase models.

As a vendor of Hayward's swimming pool pumps, we offer a large selection of products to choose from. Models include the EcoStar, which cleans pools quickly while offering unprecedented energy savings. With a range of functions that allow for greater automation and self-management, these pumps perform well in nearly any situation. We also sell the TriStar VS, which offers comparable energy savings in an oversized body, as well as the Super Pump, which runs coolly and quietly.

S.A. Armstrong supplies our circulating pumps, which require no pipe disconnection and feature durable shafts that won't give out under extreme heat. They also resist leaks and are made of cast-iron, bronze and alloy-steel components.

For our more information on our full line of pumps, please contact us.

Diverse functionality

Our selection of pumps ensures that, no matter what industry you work in, we have a pump that will work for your specific application. With options for sewage management, swimming pools, spas and more, put our high-quality pumps to work for you today.

About us

Since 1973, our electric motors and pumps have helped a range of businesses reach peak productivity levels. Representing quality manufacturers like Hayward, Jacuzzi and S.A. Armstrong, we are dedicated to bringing products of the highest calibre to our customers.

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