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Vision Systems

Keyence supplies vision systems that are versatile and fully customizable. They are often used for automatic inspection, part identification, robot positioning, and a variety of quality control applications. Keyence Canada is a leading manufacturer of sensing equipment, and our customers benefit from our direct sales approach. As opposed to going through a distributor, any required support comes directly from us, which means faster response times and a higher level of technical knowledge. We have a global network with over 200 offices worldwide, a fast delivery system, and complete support services.

Vision systems

CV-X series

Our CV-X series features our new LumiTrax system, which makes it easy to perform stable imaging regardless of work piece variations or environmental influences such as ambient light. This imaging method uses a high-speed camera and high-speed segmented lighting to capture multiple images that are lit from different directions. Our algorithm then analyses these images to instantaneously generate shape and texture images.

XG-7000 series

These super-high-speed vision systems offer the flexibility of programing using a controller or our Vision Editor PC software. This dual programming capability enables advanced programming typical of PC-based systems, coupled with the convenience of a stand-alone system. The XG series enables flow chart programming, script-based calculation, and ActiveX control.

Vision systems expertise

During our more than 40 years in business, we have constantly developed new products to enhance our customers’ processes and anticipate the future requirements of the market. This dedication to innovation has resulted in a diverse product offering and many one-of-kind technologies.  

Vision systems industries

Our vision equipment enables reliable automation that reduces the risk of human error. That is why it is used in such a wide variety of industries and applications. Some of the industries we have experience serving include automotive, electronics, packaging, machine tools, medical, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical.

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