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Surface Analyzers

Keyence Canada is a leading manufacturer of sensing equipment such as surface analyzers. We offer a wide range of displacement sensors that are useful for measuring surface profiles for many applications including automation of your manufacturing processes or reliable inspection for quality control. There are many benefits of dealing with us such as prompt delivery, a wide selection of cutting-edge products, and comprehensive support from our knowledgeable professionals. If your order is placed by 2 p.m. EST, we will ship your equipment on the same day. So don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Surface analyzers

Our equipment for analyzing surfaces includes high-accuracy 2D laser displacement sensors that measure surface profiles at high speed. For example, our LJ-G Series can perform simultaneous measurements at 8 different points to capture the height, angle, width or gap on a surface profile. These sensors offer the highest sampling speed in their class, at 3.8 ms. They provide accuracy of ±0.1% of F.S. These highly accurate measurements are unaffected by the colour of targets. We also have a range of inductive displacement sensors, optical micrometers, laser scan micrometers, and contact sensors that are ideal for inspecting many surfaces for flatness or warpage. Visit our website for full catalogues, technical guides and detailed specs on all our products.

Surface analyzer expertise

Since 1974, Keyence has been developing innovative equipment for automation and inspection systems. The wide variety of sensing equipment we provide includes various automation equipment, laser markers, vision sensors, digital microscopes, and much more.

Surface analyzers industries

Our sensors can be used for applications such as checking for warping and swelling on precision components. The ability to measure gaps in a surface profile is useful for checking that fitted parts are aligned properly. Our solutions are ideal for automating production lines, inspection in quality control applications or research and development. We can easily meet your unique needs, as we have experience supplying industry sectors with specialized requirements such as medical or food and beverage.

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