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Precision Measuring Test & Measurement Tools And Instrumentation

We supply a wide range of precision measuring test & measurement tools and instrumentation. Our products include displacement sensors, optical micrometers, vision systems, digital microscopes, and image measurement systems. Many of our products feature industry-leading capabilities, so they offer our customers unparalleled precision, accuracy, and speed. Keyence Canada is a leading manufacturer with more than 40 years’ experience. When you deal with us, you get the benefit of direct support from knowledgeable professionals. We can assist you with application solutions, demonstrations, after-sales support and more.

Precision measuring test & measurement tools and instrumentation

We have designed a diverse selection of tools and instrumentation to improve our customers’ research and manufacturing processes. We provide both 1D and 2D laser displacement sensors that are capable of taking a range of measurements and surface profiling. Our optical micrometers and laser scan micrometers can precisely gauge an object’s outer diameter and angles with no need for positioning.

Our vision systems feature high resolution cameras and are ideal for many 3D measurement applications. Digital microscopes from Keyence represent the next-generation of microscopes with advanced measurement capabilities useful for inspections and failure analysis. Our image measurement systems offer faster measurement times and eliminate operator error with their simple “place and press” operation. We also offer a range of colour LCD monitors and programmable controllers with built-in displays.

Precision measuring test & measurement tools and instrumentation expertise      

Keyence has been in business since 1974 and we have an international network with offices in over 40 countries. Our customers get the full benefit of our expertise thanks to our direct sales system. Instead of going through distributors and sales agents, Keyence customers deal directly with our sales engineers.

Precision measuring test & measurement tools and instrumentation industries

Our products are designed to be customizable so they can be used in many different applications. Some of the many industries we regularly work with include electronics, automotive, food and beverage, medical, energy, metal fabrication and more. Visit the “Solutions” section of our website to view our products organized by industry and application, or contact us with your application inquiries.

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