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Optical Comparators

Keyence Canada provides a wide range of inspection products that outperform conventional optical comparators. We have image measurement systems, digital microscopes, and other solutions for inspection and failure analysis applications. Our products will drastically reduce inspection times while improving accuracy. Our image measurement systems are capable of simultaneously measuring 99 features, and batches of multiple items, with less image distortion. Contact us today for a product demonstration, a free test unit, or to place an order. We ship our items same day for orders placed before 2 p.m. EST.

Optical comparators

We have developed a comprehensive selection of image measurement systems, digital microscopes, and optical profilers that represent the next step in inspection technology. We provide optical measurement systems that provide unparalleled speed and highly accurate results. For example, an operation that would take at least 300 seconds on a conventional optical comparator can be completed in 5 seconds or less on our IM Series of image dimension measuring systems. Other features of our IM Series include the elimination of operator error, easy data management, simple operation, network functionality and software. They have hard drives with 250 GB of memory, 1" 6.6 mega pixel CMOS image pickup devices, and 10.4” LCD monitors (with the capability to connect external monitors.)

Our digital microscopes make comparative observation simple, through features including variable-angle observation, flexible lighting systems, split screen views, 2D and 3D measurement at the click of a mouse, high speed image stitching to eliminate field of view issues, and large depth of field (more than 20 times greater than traditional optical microscopes).

Optical comparator expertise

Keyence has been an industry leader since 1974. In addition to optical inspection solutions, we provide a wide range of systems for process automation. Terms such as “World’s fastest” and “best in class” are often applied to our products because we are constantly developing innovative solutions to enhance our customers’ processes.

Optical comparator industries

Our digital microscopes are useful for failure analysis and inspection applications. Our products are used in many manufacturing industries to inspect products such as semiconductors, automotive components, precision metal components, electronics and much more.

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