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Metrology Laboratory

Keyence Canada develops and manufactures a wide range of inspection products ideal for metrology laboratory applications. The wide selection of inspection products we provide include digital microscopes, machine vision systems, laser measurement sensors, and image measuring systems. The benefits of choosing Keyence to supply your laboratory equipment include: products with industry-leading capabilities, a global network with 200 offices, fast shipping, and support from our knowledgeable professionals. Our direct approach allows you to get support straight from the experts rather than dealing with a distributor.

Metrology laboratory

Digital microscopes

Our digital microscopes allow you to observe, measure, and record with a single system. They feature a depth-of-field 20x larger than a conventional microscope, and a magnification range from 0.1 too 5000x.

Machine vision systems

Our machine vision equipment is fully customizable and features 3+1 processor systems that enable parallel processing at high speeds. These systems are available with the fastest high-speed cameras in their class, with 5 million-pixel resolution.

Laser displacement sensors

Our laser sensors feature the industry’s highest accuracy at ±0.02 per cent. They have best-in-class resolution at 0.0004 Mil (0.01μm), and the world’s fastest sampling speed at 392 kHz. Our 2D laser inspection systems are capable of handling many different types of measurements with a single device.

Image measurement systems                                                                                                                                                   

Our IM series of dimension measuring systems feature unmatched speed and accuracy. They are easy for anyone to use, with automatic features that allow simple “place and press” operation. That simplicity reduces measuring time and eliminates operator error.

Metrology laboratory expertise

We have been designing, engineering and manufacturing innovative products for more than 40 years. We are constantly developing new ways to improve our customers’ research and manufacturing processes. Our equipment is designed to be versatile, so they can be used for many applications that would traditionally require separate pieces of equipment. We can assist you with your application inquiries.

Metrology laboratory industries

Our wide of range of inspection products are used in both laboratory settings and on assembly lines. We have experience providing research and manufacturing solutions to industries including electronics, aerospace, automotive, packaging, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and many more.

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