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Measurement Inspection Services

Keyence Canada provides a wide selection of measurement sensors and systems, as well as a full range of support services. We offer free consultation, product demonstrations, on-site operating instruction, and much more. Our customers benefit from dealing directly with us because we develop and manufacture our innovative products ourselves. Our measurement sensors are capable of gauging diameters, point to point, pitch, position, and thickness with micron precision. Keyence Canada is part of a global network with offices in over 40 countries, so we can easily provide cross-border support.

Measurement inspection services

We supply equipment for measurement and inspection applications that save time by increasing the speed and ease of measuring. In addition to faster results, our products offer a high level of accuracy, and less chance for operator errors. Our knowledgeable professionals can visit your site and assist with finding solutions for you applications, provide product demonstrations or free trial units, training your employees on how to best use the equipment, and other after-sales support.

Image dimension measuring systems

Our IM series of image measurement systems reduce measuring times by streamlining the process. They automatically detect the location and orientation of the target, eliminating the need for careful positioning. They reduce time spent on setup and focus adjustments with auto-focusing and a super-wide field of view. Our systems are easy for everyone to operate, because all you have to do is place the part on the stage and press the measurement start button.

Measurement sensors

The variety of measurement sensors we provide include optical and laser scan micrometers, 1D and 2D laser displacement sensors, inductive displacement sensors, and contact distance sensors. We carry optical and laser scan micrometers that feature high speed and 0.01 micron resolutions. Our LS-7000 series of digital micrometers offer high-speed sampling up to 2400 samples per second. Visit our website for more information on all our sensors, measurement systems, and services.

Measurement inspection expertise

We have been developing innovative sensing technology since 1974, so we have the experience to assist you in selecting the best solutions and streamlining you measuring processes. Our wide range of products includes inspection systems for parts, sensors, process controls, safety equipment, laser markers, microscopes and more.

Measurement inspection services industries

We have experience providing measurement and inspection solutions to a diverse array of industries. Just some of the industries we often work with include electronics, automotive, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, and energy.

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