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Machine Vision Systems

Keyence Canada provides machine vision systems that are versatile, customizable, and feature many industry-leading capabilities. Keyence vision systems can perform part identification, automatic inspection, and more. They are used for many different applications that require visual data, including quality control and robot positioning. As a leading developer and manufacturer, Keyence always strive to anticipate the needs of the market and innovate. That is why so many of our products feature the best capabilities on the market. Keyence always offers fast delivery and comprehensive support.

Machine vision systems

Keyence vision systems are capable of 3D profile measurement, character recognition, image enhancement, appearance and dimension inspection, and more. Some of the cutting-edge features of our various systems include:

  • Customizable and flexible designs, with a wide selection of supporting products
  • Ultra high resolution cameras (21 MegaPixel)
  • High speed cameras (capable of transferring 5 MegaPixel in 61.2 ms)
  • Script-based calculation
  • Image processing algorithms that eliminate the effects of ambient light
  • Both standalone programming with a controller and PC-based programing capabilities

Keyence offers a range of lenses, LED lighting, monitors, and other accessories for machine vision systems.  Our machine vision lenses feature low distortion and are resist vibrations.

Machine vision systems expertise

Keyence  has been developing, manufacturing, and supplying sensing equipment for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer support. When you work with Keyence, you will be dealing directly with a Keyence product expert rather than going through a distributor. 

Machine vision systems industries

Keyence machine vision systems are used in many industries ranging from automotive manufacturing to food and beverage packaging. The customizable features of our systems allow them to be optimized for specific applications, such as high-speed inspection.

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