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Laser Marking

Keyence provides laser markers that enable you to cut, engrave, or etch a wide variety of surfaces. They are typically used to create makings such as barcodes, serial numbers, logos, and date codes. All our laser markers have 3 axis capabilities. The varieties of markers we offer include fiber lasers, CO2 lasers and hybrid YVO4/fiber lasers. Keyence Canada has the experience to be your single-source supplier, as we have been a leader in industrial automation and inspection solutions since 1974. We provide comprehensive support, fast delivery, and we have offices in over 40 countries.

Laser marking

MD-X1000/1500 series

The MD-X Series uses laser oscillation technology that is a new feature developed by Keyence. These lasers combine the benefits of YVO4 and fiber lasers to offer high speed marking with exceptional quality. They have the capability to meet many diverse production needs. The features include auto focus, a built-in code reader, 200 KW peak power and 25 W output.

MD-F3100/5100 series

MD-F laser markers feature the best power output in their class, at 50 W. They feature high quality control to match your application, a thermopile power monitor, and a fan-less marking head to provide superior resistance to environmental conditions. The fan-less design offers a completely sealed structure that is unaffected by dust, water, or oil mist.

ML-Z9500 series

Our ML-Z models are CO2 laser markers capable of creating precision markings with less deformation on targets with varying surface shape and height. They have many features including a variable spot size, 42-mm variable focal length, and a wide coverage area measuring 300 x 300 mm.

Laser marking expertise

Keyence is an industry leader with a global network, so we can provide seamless support around the world. Our sales engineers have the industrial knowledge to assist you with any application. The wide selection of innovative products we offer include machine vision systems, measurement sensors, process controls and more.

Laser marking industries

The industries we have experience working with range from automotive and semiconductor manufacturing to packaging of food and pharmaceuticals. So no matter your specific applications, Keyence has the experience and knowledge to help you.

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