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Laser Inspection Systems, 2D

We offer a range of 2D laser inspection systems that enable high precision, non-contact measurements. We have 2D laser scanners and profilers that are ideal for taking measurements such as height, area, step, angle, radius, point to point, and point to line. Keyence Canada is a leading manufacturer of sensing equipment. We provide same-day shipping, a world-wide network for cross border support, and a direct approach that allows you to deal with our experienced sales engineers as opposed to a distributor. We can assist you with application solutions, product demonstrations, trial units, and after-sales support.

2D laser inspection systems

LJ-V series ultra-high-speed profilometer

This laser inspection system is the world’s fastest, with a capability of 64,000 profiles per second sampling 12,800,000 points per second.  It is the first laser displacement sensor to use a blue laser. The short wavelength 405nm laser creates a stabilized and high-precision profile even with targets that are conventionally difficult to detect. The LJ-V series is ideal for in-line measurements due to an automatic adjustment function that corrects any misalignments for applications where it is difficult to perform positioning or even if the target is flowing at random.

LJ-G series high-accuracy displacement sensor

The LJ-G series of 2D laser sensors can precisely measure surface profiles in X and Z directions. It features a high-accuracy of ±0.1% of F.S. and 28 different measurement modes for measuring height, width, or gap on a surface profile. Measurements can be done at eight different points simultaneously, with a sampling speed of 3.8 ms.

2D laser inspection systems expertise

We have been developing and manufacturing innovative solutions for over four decades. Over the years, we have continually strived to design products that will add value to your manufacturing and research applications. We have developed a wide selection of equipment including fiber optic sensors, vision systems, digital microscopes, optical micrometers, barcode readers, and laser markers.

2D laser inspection systems industries

We have experience providing laser sensors to a wide variety of industries. Our systems are easily customizable to meet the unique requirements of any application. Some of the applications our sensors are commonly used for include automotive, electronic components, machine tools, medical, packaging, food and beverage.

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