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Inspection Systems For Parts

Keyence Canada supplies inspection systems that can inspect parts of any shape or material with unparalleled speed and accuracy. The products we offer include vision systems, micrometers, displacement sensors and more. All of those products are developed and manufactured in-house, so you’ll benefit from dealing directly with us rather than through a distributor. We can provide comprehensive support including product selection, demonstrations, and after-sales assistance. We offer fast delivery with same-day shipping to ensure you receive your products when they are needed.

Inspection systems for parts

We provide a variety of systems that are ideal for parts inspection. Some of the inspection equipment we supply includes laser displacement sensors (both 1D and 2D), optical micrometers, laser scan micrometers, vision systems, inductive displacement sensors, and contact distance sensors. Many of our products offer innovative features and industry-leading capabilities. For example, our LJ-V series of ultra-high speed in-line 2D laser displacement sensors achieve the fastest sampling speeds on the market. At 64,000 profiles per second and sampling up to 12,800,000 points per second, they are 240 times faster than conventional devices. This provides reliable inspection for defects and abnormalities even on targets moving up to 6.4 meters per second with a pitch of 0.1mm.

Our vision systems allow you to quickly and easily set up a multi-camera machine vision solution. Our high resolution cameras are capable of reliably detecting microscopic faults. The CV-X series vision systems feature 21M pixel cameras, appearance inspection, dimension inspection, 3D measurement capabilities and more.

Inspection systems for parts expertise

Our expertise comes from many years of experience, as we have been in business since 1974. During that time, we have always strived to anticipate the needs of our customers and develop innovative solutions. As a developer and manufacturer, we have a high level of technical knowledge that we draw on when assisting our customers. 

Inspection systems for parts industries

We have experience working with many different industries and meeting their unique requirements. The versatile designs of our products make them suitable for a wide range of applications. For example, our vision inspection systems can be used for defect inspection of everything from food and pharmaceutical packaging to electronic components and automotive parts.

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