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Failure Analysis

We supply digital microscopes that are ideal for failure analysis and a wide range of other applications. Our microscopes enable you to perform advanced observation, measurements, recording, and instantly obtain high resolution, fully focused images. Over 10,000 companies worldwide use our VHX series of microscopes. They are simple to operate and offer many functions that would traditionally require several devices. Keyence Canada has the expertise and the diverse product offering to provide equipment for all your failure analysis applications. We supply industry-leading products, fast delivery and comprehensive support.

Failure analysis

Our digital microscopes are versatile solutions that can outperform conventional microscopes in many applications. They provide the capability to perform advanced observation for failure analysis with image resolutions that exceed optical microscopes. For example, our VHX-2000 series of imaging and measurement microscopes utilize short-wavelength blue light to capture super resolution images that would be impossible with traditional equipment that relies on white light. This is only possible due to pixel shift technology developed by Keyence. These microscopes offer the highest resolution in the industry and the world’s first 54 million pixel 3CCD.

The other features of our VHX Series microscopes include:

  • Unparalleled clarity and depth of field
  • Automatic measurement
  • XYZ motorized control
  • 3D image stitching and measurement

Visit our website for more specifications on our full range of microscopes, lenses and stands.

Failure analysis expertise

We have more than 40 years’ experience and we are always developing new, innovative products to add to our offering of industry-leading solutions. We provide a wide range of equipment for applications such as automation, machine safety, and measurement inspection services. In addition to our outstanding products, we are known for providing world-class customer service including assistance with selection, adoption, and after-sales support.

Failure analysis industries

We have the knowledge and the range of products to supply you with appropriate failure analysis systems, no matter your industry or specific applications. We have experience working with industries including electronics, home appliances, automotive, packaging, semi-conductors, machine tools and more.

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