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The new CV-X Series Intuitive Vision System from Keyence enables anyone to create complex images in just three easy steps.

New vision system enables easy and precise product inspection
Wed Jan 25 12:04:23 EST 2017 by Keyence Canada

The VR-3000 Series 3D Measurement System can scan a large area in as quickly as four seconds.

Innovative system offers quick, accurate 3D measurement
Wed Jan 25 10:24:54 EST 2017 by Keyence Canada

Keyence's website features an introductory guide to sensors, outlining the basics of sensors based on multiple detection principles.

A guide to sensors and detection principles
Tue Oct 25 12:55:37 EDT 2016 by Keyence Canada

The Machine Vision Academy is a series of free, downloadable guides that provide professional image processing solutions for factory automation.

How to master the latest machine vision application techniques
Mon Oct 24 08:10:31 EDT 2016 by Keyence Canada

Keyence’s website offers downloadable measurement guides for various measuring methods by application.

Website offers downloadable guides to measuring by application
Fri Sep 23 11:17:26 EDT 2016 by Keyence Canada

The LJ-V Series can perform a wide range of measurements and inspections.

Profile measurement system provides fast and accurate inspections
Wed Aug 24 10:18:47 EDT 2016 by Keyence Canada

By placing a part on the stage and pressing a button, the IM Series can accurately measure up to 99 measurements on 100 parts in just three seconds.

Innovative measurement system increases productivity, savings and accuracy
Tue Aug 09 11:14:10 EDT 2016 by Keyence Canada

FD-Q flow sensors offer speedy installation and high accuracy.

Clamp-on flow sensor avoids many issues common with conventional flow sensors
Mon Aug 08 14:13:22 EDT 2016 by Keyence Canada

The SZ-V Series features a detachable display unit.

Safety laser scanner offers innovative features and best-in-class protection
Tue Jul 12 12:38:28 EDT 2016 by Keyence Canada

Keyence offers the VHX Digital Microscope.

Eight reasons to switch from an optical to a digital microscope
Tue Jun 21 11:03:14 EDT 2016 by Keyence Canada

Thick rugged metal housing and a recessed lens make the GL-R light curtain resistant to twisting, vibration and direct impact.

Light curtain offers strength and intelligence for machine safety applications
Fri Jun 03 08:30:18 EDT 2016 by Keyence Canada

The IV Series vision sensor is designed to inspect entire surfaces, and not just individual points.

Vision sensor offers simplicity and performance in a compact package
Thu Jun 02 09:50:49 EDT 2016 by Keyence Canada

The GT2 Series High-Accuracy Digital Contact Sensor features dedicated inspection software.

Digital contact sensor a versatile and accurate measurement solution
Tue May 10 09:54:56 EDT 2016 by Keyence Canada

The LR-W Series full-spectrum sensor is available from Keyence.

Sensor’s innovative design offers flexibility, durability and functionality
Thu May 05 20:54:59 EDT 2016 by Keyence Canada

Keyence's SR-G100 Series Handheld DPM Code Reader offers unprecedented high-speed scanning and efficiency.

Keyence offers handheld DPM code reader with ‘unprecedented’ speed
Wed Apr 20 12:20:04 EDT 2016 by Keyence Canada

The non-contact, clamp-on design of the FD-Q avoids impeding flow or contaminating the system.

Keyence offers non-contact, clamp-on flow sensor with its FD-Q Series
Fri Apr 01 11:36:37 EDT 2016 by Keyence Canada

The SR-1000 Series code reader from Keyence offers many automated features.

Keyence helps customers overcome common code reading challenges with the SR-1000 Series
Fri Mar 04 09:22:16 EST 2016 by Keyence Canada

The TM Series optical micrometer from Keyence can measure 16 points simultaneously.

Keyence offers multi-point measuring with TM Series optical micrometer
Tue Mar 01 14:27:31 EST 2016 by Keyence Canada

The LJ-V Series profilometer offers versatility and high speed.

Keyence profilometer offers ‘world’s fastest’ sampling speed
Wed Feb 17 13:31:49 EST 2016 by Keyence Canada

The MD-X Series laser marker offers high throughput and top quality results.

Keyence makes marking easy with its MD-X Series laser marker
Tue Feb 16 14:02:36 EST 2016 by Keyence Canada

The CV-X Series machine vision system from Keyence features state-of-the-art algorithms, fast and simple setup and exceptional versatility.

Keyence advanced vision system an ideal choice for any inspection
Tue Jan 19 14:27:30 EST 2016 by Keyence Canada

LumiTrax uses high-speed cameras and intelligent lighting to capture multiple images while lighting from different angles.

‘Revolutionary’ vision system ignores variables that prevent clear inspection
Tue Jan 19 14:17:58 EST 2016 by Keyence Canada

The VHX-5000 digital microscope allows users to instantly view any area completely in focus.

Keyence introduces digital microscope with advanced features
Thu Dec 17 11:08:10 EST 2015 by Keyence Canada

The IM Series image dimension measuring system offers “place-and-press” measurement in seconds.

Keyence measurement system offers accurate measurement in seconds
Thu Dec 17 10:54:55 EST 2015 by Keyence Canada

Thanks to the FS-V30 series, the company now has a fully automated process.

Small sensor solves big production line problem
Thu Dec 11 14:34:05 EST 2014 by Keyence Canada

The XG vision system is part of GlaxoSmithKline’s full process control system.

Multinational reduces risk of human error in production lines thanks to vision system
Mon Dec 01 11:55:16 EST 2014 by Keyence Canada

Biscuits roll off Nutrition & Santé’s production lines in France in stacks of four or five units that are then wrapped in packs and inserted in cardboard packaging at high speed.

Food manufacturer’s vision of high-speed inspection comes to life
Mon Dec 01 11:02:51 EST 2014 by Keyence Canada

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