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Our goal is to provide you with top-quality fasteners that make running your tooling, manufacturing or construction business as easy as possible. Focused on quality and customer satisfaction, Ken Forging Inc. manufactures turnbuckles, eye nuts and many other forged metal fasteners. With 100% traceability and lot control for quality assurance, we provide some of the highest-caliber products in the fastener industry at competitive prices. Ken Forging's substantial inventory and same-day or next-day shipping ensures that customers receive products in record times. As a family-run business founded in 1970, our products remain proudly forged in our Ohio plant.

Fasteners Product Line

We manufacture a full range of drop-forged fasteners.

  • C-clamps and screw in carbon steel
  • D-rings and blanked clips in carbon steel with minimum tensile strength of 75,000 PSI
  • Eye nuts in stainless steel, carbon steel, and zinc-plated carbon steel
  • Nut eyebolts in stainless steel, alloy steel and carbon steel
  • Pad eyes in carbon steel and stainless steel
  • Rod ends in carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel
  • Safety swivel hoist rings in three models; forged from alloy steel with black oxide finish
  • Turnbuckle assemblies (eye & eye, jaw & eye, jaw & jaw, stub & stub) in stainless steel, carbon steel and zinc-plated carbon steel
  • Turnbuckle bodies in stainless steel, carbon steel and zinc-plated carbon steel
  • Turnbuckle fittings (eye, jaw, stub) in stainless steel, carbon steel and zinc-plated carbon steel

Fasteners Industrial Applications

Ken Forging Inc. designs and manufactures quality fasteners for customers in the tooling and forged hardware industries, among many others.

Fasteners Manufacturing Process and Customization Options

Our 130 dedicated employees working in our 250,000 square foot plant have the experience, expertise and equipment to provide you with durable, reliable fasteners. We're also pleased to be one-stop shop for all your fastener needs, and we offer numerous in-house customization options: finishes, threading, custom plating and heat-treat processes.

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