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We offer roll formed railings using a variety of open seam tubing shapes, framing, box channels, C-channels, strut channels, and more. They are used as safety barriers in a wide range of applications such as stairs, mezzanines, and walkways. Railings are also useful to guide people and handle crowd movement, as well as for the protection of fixed structures from moving objects. Just some of the metals we use to form our railings include steel, brass, bronze, copper, aluminum, and clad material. Johnson Bros Metal Forming Co. has been providing high quality roll formed products since 1948. We form a diverse variety of shapes and utilize advanced computer controlled in-line fabrication processes.


There are many advantages to roll formed railings as opposed to other styles, because a wide range of inline fabricating options are available ranging from holes and slots to perforations and radius bends.

Railings made using framing, strut channels, and open seam rectangular tubing are some of the most common styles and feature high strength. Another common style is round tubing (open seam and flanged seam) which offers one of the most economical options.  Due to the strength requirements involved with railing applications, we rarely form our products out of materials less than .048" thick, and our maximum capability is .125" in thickness.

Railings expertise

We have been making custom and standard parts for close to 70 years. We are outfitted with the best equipment, including more than 20 roll forming machines with up to a 28 station capacity. Many of our open-seam tubing designs have existing or partial tooling available for fast and efficient service. Besides railings, we have extensive experience manufacturing products such as channels, mouldings, panels, clamps, busbars, struts, heat transfer plates, and much more.

Railings industries

We regularly work with a vast array of industries, and we have experience assisting our customers with their unique challenges. Just some of the industries we serve include aerospace, construction, military, mining, signage, transportation, and telecommunications.


Johnson Bros. Metal Forming Co.
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