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Mouldings, profiles, and special shapes of infinite varieties are available from Johnson Bros Metal Forming Co. These products are used in every industry and can be made from a wide range of materials. We have existing tooling for a broad array of unusual cross-sections, and slight tooling modifications can be easily made. Our efficient process allows us to offer features like hemmed edges, with little or no extra cost. We use roll forming machines that are made by the best manufacturers including Yoder, Tishken, and Dahlstrom. Continual modernization and preventative maintenance of our equipment ensures our work is always top quality.


Any metal can be used to produce moulding, and we use a number of plain and prefinished varieties. The metals we typically work with include steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, and clad materials. The available pre-finishes include painted, plated, anodized, polished, vinyl laminated, embossed, galvanized, aluminized, and primer coated, among many others.

The typical maximum dimensions our machines are capable are 3" in height, and 15" in width, but we often produce smaller parts as well. Metal mouldings are usually made from thinner material when compared to profiles.  Our thickness capacity ranges from .003" to .125". Visit our website for details on the many profiles and mouldings we often supply.

Mouldings expertise

They are created using the best processes for superior efficiency and excellent results. For instance, we utilize a flying cutoff die process that includes end-fabricating, gag-punching, high accuracy cutting-to-length, and other fabrication operations that would traditionally take place during the pre-punching stage. Our capability to perform these post-punch operations ensures close tolerances, because pre-punched fabrications can be susceptible to distortion during roll forming.   

Mouldings industries

With our custom capabilities and versatile products, we work with a diverse array of customers. The many different industries we serve are too numerous to list, so here are just a few: agriculture, aircraft, architecture, communications, cranes, furniture, glass, lighting, metal fabricating, sanitation, solar, textiles, and woodworking. 


Johnson Bros. Metal Forming Co.
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