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Johnson Bros Metal Forming Co. is Canada's number one producer of metal channels with existing tooling. The many types of channels we manufacture include U-channels, J-channels, C-channels, and hat channels. They are available in all types of metals, but the most common include steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.  All of our channels are produced to order, so we can easily provide the ideal channel for your application. We utilize advanced computer controlled in-line fabrication, and we work with materials from .004" to .188" thick. Regardless of whether you require a small or large run, we can bring your custom channels from concept to completion.


Our channels are available with a broad range of options for finishes, including aluminized, black oxide, pre-painted, pre-plated, pre-polished, pre-anodized, pre-galvanized, vinyl laminated, strippable PVC covered, and more.

We have the capability to offer extra inline fabrication while roll forming your channels. Some of the available operations include adding holes, slots, tabs, notches, perforations, miters, depressions, identification, and end fabrications. Our inline post fabricating abilities allow us to perform these operations while using a minimum number of dies. One benefit of this method is tighter tolerances for our products as it avoids the distortion that results from using a pre-punch press before bending the channel.   

Channel expertise

Since 1948, we have specialized in roll forming of both custom and standard parts. In addition to channels, we produce a variety of moldings, open seam tubes, flashing, and more. We also have extensive experience with processes such as adhesive application, magnetic strip insertion, and cladding of materials by forming them together.

Channel industries

Channels are used in virtually every industry for a range of applications. They are often used as trim, inserts, protective edges, brackets, girts, reinforcements, and more. Our versatile products have allowed us to work with hundreds of different industries.


Johnson Bros. Metal Forming Co.
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