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Since 1948, Johnson Brothers has been a leader in the roll forming industry. For generations we've delivered quality roll formed products to hundreds of industries including roll formed metal parts for furniture, partitions, displays, racks & storage, filters, refrigeration and too many others to list.

From Roll Formed Metal Channels (U/C/J/Hat/Box/Strut), Profiles, Mouldings, Zees, Angles, Ring Clamps, Rims, Framing, Lockseam, Openseam Tubes-All Shapes, Flashings, Panels, Cladding, Edging, Trim, Tracks, Railings, Strips. All Metals Prefinished-Plain. Inline Notching, Johnson Brothers can do it all. Whether it's a small or large run, our fully capable manufacturing process can take your custom roll formed metal part from concept to completion.

Year established: 1948
Number of employees: 36

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U & J channels

Roll Forming

Johnson Bros. Metal Forming Co. has over sixty years of experience in the roll forming industry. We do not carry stock products, but manufacture a range of custom ordered metal products, including moldings, specialty tubing and railings. This allows us to concentrate our resources and produce the best roll formed products exactly how our customers need them. We also operate on green manufacturing principles, and offer several green energy products, like solar panel frames. Family owned and operated, we’re proud of our past, and are looking forward to growing even more in the future. Whateve...

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Our roll formed angles are available with special slots.


We can produce a variety of angles, angle irons, and V-shapes with our low cost and high speed roll forming services. The types of materials we use to produce our angles include steel, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium. Our maximum capability for material thickness of our angles ranges from .005" up to .188". One of the many benefits of our roll formed angles is tighter tolerances for dimensions than you will typically find with press brake formed parts. They also offer lower cost at volumes over 1,000 feet, because they can be produced faster and easier than brake formed angle...

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U-channel from Johnson Bros Metal Forming Co.


Johnson Bros Metal Forming Co. is Canada's number one producer of metal channels with existing tooling. The many types of channels we manufacture include U-channels, J-channels, C-channels, and hat channels. They are available in all types of metals, but the most common include steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.  All of our channels are produced to order, so we can easily provide the ideal channel for your application. We utilize advanced computer controlled in-line fabrication, and we work with materials from .004" to .188" thick. Regardless of whether you require a small or large run, ...

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We can produce a wide range of profiles, mouldings, and special shapes.


Mouldings, profiles, and special shapes of infinite varieties are available from Johnson Bros Metal Forming Co. These products are used in every industry and can be made from a wide range of materials. We have existing tooling for a broad array of unusual cross-sections, and slight tooling modifications can be easily made. Our efficient process allows us to offer features like hemmed edges, with little or no extra cost. We use roll forming machines that are made by the best manufacturers including Yoder, Tishken, and Dahlstrom. Continual modernization and preventative maintenance of our equ...

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We produce many different styles of railings.


We offer roll formed railings using a variety of open seam tubing shapes, framing, box channels, C-channels, strut channels, and more. They are used as safety barriers in a wide range of applications such as stairs, mezzanines, and walkways. Railings are also useful to guide people and handle crowd movement, as well as for the protection of fixed structures from moving objects. Just some of the metals we use to form our railings include steel, brass, bronze, copper, aluminum, and clad material. Johnson Bros Metal Forming Co. has been providing high quality roll formed products since 1948. W...

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A variety of end joining methods are available.


A wide variety of metal rings, rims, and clamps are available from Johnson Bros Metal Forming Co. We utilize a very unique and highly economical process to manufacture our channel and angle rings. Our company has specialized in roll forming both custom and standard products for close to 70 years. The roll formed products we offer are used in a variety of industries around the world. We are known for creating metal parts of high quality and offering dependable services. When creating custom products, we will work with your team from concept to completion to ensure you get the ideal solution ...

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A Symbol of Quality & Dependability in Roll Forming

Johnson Bros. Metal Forming Co.

Value Proposition

The nature of Johnson Bros. roll forming has seen an evolution from a lockseam and openseam tubing emphasis, which accelerated their growth, to a diversity of shapes for many industrial uses and now to sophisticated computer controlled in-line fabrication. Their forming of all types of metals prefinished or plain, in thickness from .004" to .188", into many shapes have virtually gone to every state in the continental U.S., Canada, Mexico and parts of Europe.

Areas of Expertise

  • Enviromentally Friendly "GREEN" Tubing Applications

  • Railway Industry

  • Roll Forming Processes

  • Agricultural Industry

  • Aircraft, Aerospace & Helicopter Industries

  • Antenna Industry

  • Appliance Industry

  • Architectural Industry

  • Artificial Tree Industry

  • Automotive and Vehicular Industries

  • Baffles, Shields and Inserts Industry

  • Banner Industry

  • Construction Industry

  • Beverage Industry

  • Bezels & Mountings Industries

  • Bicycle Rims and Car Top Carrier Industries

  • Bindery Industry

  • Booth and Cubicle Industries

  • Bridge & Bridging Industry

  • Brush Industry

  • Transportation Industry

  • Clamps and Boots Industries

  • Closet Component Industry

  • Collars and Hoops Industires

  • Communications Industry

  • Consumer Products Industry - Indoor and Outdoor

  • Container Industry

  • Conveyor Industry

  • Cranes, Raceways Industry

  • Culvert Industry

  • Interior Decorating Industries

  • Display Industry

  • Door Industry

  • Electrical Industry

  • Electronics and Terminals Industries

  • Elevator Industry

  • Sanitation Industry

  • Expanded Metal, Wire Mesh, Woven Wire Industries

  • Extrusions and Moldings Industry

  • Felt Industry

  • Fence Industry

  • Fenestration Industry

  • Furnaces and Heaters Industry

  • Furniture Industry

  • Gate Industry

  • Glass Industry

  • Greenhouse Industry

  • Guarding Industry

  • Hardware Industry

  • Horticultural Industry

  • Housewares Industry

  • Housing Industry

  • Insulation Industry

  • Lighting Industry

  • Masonry and Concrete Products Industry

  • Material Handling Industry

  • Metal Fabricating Industry

  • Meter and Scale Industries

  • Military Industry

  • Mining and Tunnels Industry

  • Mobile Home and Unit Industry

  • Partitions Industry

  • Pump Industry

  • Refrigeration and Freezer Industry

  • Flooring Industry

  • Roofing Industry

  • Security Industry

  • Shelving Industry

  • Ship Building Industry

  • Signage Industry

  • Solar Energy Industry

  • Sports Products Industry

  • Store Fixtures Industry

  • Swimming Pool Industry

  • Telecommuncations Industry

  • Textile Industry

  • Truck Industry

  • Window Industry

  • Woodworking Industry


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    Vice-President & General Manager

  • E Johnson

  • Ms Dawn Johnson

  • K Pazan
    Purchasing Manager

Johnson Bros. Metal Forming Co.
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