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We make a variety of urethane products including a wide range of belts and hoses. Our belts are used in applications ranging from power transmissions to conveyors. They are reinforced with steel or Kevlar to prevent stretching, and can stand up to chemicals, moisture, and oils. Our urethane hoses are resistant to kinking, and remain flexible in extremely low temperatures. Jason Industrial Canada Ltd. offers responsive, prompt and convenient service to assist you in optimizing your operations. Our thoroughly trained engineers and sales professionals will seek out the best options to meet your requirements.


Urethane belts

We provide urethane timing belts with steel tension members. They provide superior tensile strength and are resistant to stretching and flaking. They are particularly well-suited to applications where chemical resistance is needed. They are also appropriate for clean environments and are available in FDA approved models. We can cut special widths from our large stock of timing belt sleeves. We offer widths up to 12.0". We can provide metric and standard sizes, duel-sided belts, and optional Kevlar reinforcement. Our belts are resistant to oils, ozone, moisture, hydrolysis, and UV light.

Urethane hoses

We offer polyurethane hoses used for water, air, and chemical solutions. They provide exceptional resistance to oil and offer a light-weight option. Our polyurethane hoses are 65 per cent lighter than PVC and 75 percent lighter than rubber. They are resistant to kinking, and flexible in temperatures as low as -40 F.

Urethane industries

Our belts are used in power transmission, conveying, synchronization, domestic appliances and HVAC applications. We offer a variety of hoses used for applications including material handling, steam, acids, chemicals, air, food, water, and petroleum. We have the products and experience to find the most appropriate options for your applications.

Urethane expertise

We have more than 50 years' experience and have become a top supplier in the industry. Megadyne, our affiliate company, is the only global company with the capability to provide a complete selection of belts. They produce millions of belts annually. We have the knowledge, products, and commitment to provide the best value for our customers.


Jason Industrial (Canada) Ltd.

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