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As a full-service material handling systems integrator, Intercon Material Handling Inc. can offer conveyors to suit a wide range of applications. We can supply conveyors of many types and sizes, and we can integrate equipment to create custom designed systems. Some of the different types of conveyors we can provide include modular, spiral, alpine, flexible, elevator, powered roller, and powered belt. With our capabilities in design, engineering, and installation, we can provide turnkey solutions. We can also offer a variety of technical support services ranging PLC programming to system performance audits, preventative maintenance, and mechanical or electrical repairs.


The various types of conveyors we supply include:

  • Modular table top conveyors including aluminum frame, stainless steel frame, and crescent chain types. They can incorporate specialized equipment such as accumulators, can cleaners, and gripper elevators/lowerators.
  • Spiral conveyors that offer benefits including small footprint, easy installation, low maintenance, and high throughput with speeds up to 200FPM.
  • Alpine conveyors that are commonly used as an accumulation/buffer zone between two machines. These conveyors can also be used as an in-process step, such as for cooling or drying, or to elevate and lower.
  • Flexible conveyors that are capable of horizontal and vertical bends within a single chain design. Our continuous plastic chain curving conveyors are durable, quiet, safe, clean, and easy to modify.

Company expertise

Intercon Material Handling Inc. has the industry experience and full service capabilities to provide our clients with solutions that are value based and well-designed. The services we can offer range from expert engineering and project management to installation, training, and after-sales support. We work with manufacturers that are well-established in the material handling industry and we are able to integrate our conveyors with all types of equipment to meet clients' requirements.

Industries served

Our conveyors are used in a broad variety of industries and applications. For instance, our modular conveyors are used for industries including pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive, machined parts, electronic, paper converting, and food and packaging.


Intercon Material Handling
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