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At Humphrey Automation Inc., we distribute a wide range of components and integrated solutions, including cylinders, valves, tubing, actuators and fittings. We are committed to providing the local market with outstanding customer service, and our engineered solutions team can help develop prototypes. We offer products in metric and imperial sizes, as well as same day shipment on stock items. With decades of experience and an exceptional staff, we help you find the products that best suit your applications, and are always there to answer questions, even decades after delivery.

Cylinder Product Line

We supply a full range of cylinders made by reliable manufacturers. AirTac manufactures a wide variety of standard cylinders, compact cylinders and mini cylinders.

  • Standard cylinders in the SCF series are individually controlled and do not require extra solenoid valves. Their compact build also allows easy installation.
  • Standard cylinders in the SE series are customizable. All feature piston seals with compensation function, long service life and low start-up pressure. The aluminum pipe without a tie rod offers good corrosion resistance, and the cylinder offers smooth and steady buffer adjustment.
  • Mini cylinders in the MI series feature fixed bumper pads to reduce the impact of direction changes. Easy to install and corrosion-resistant, these cylinders can also include specifications to suit your exact needs.
  • Compact cylinders in the ACQ series offer outstanding durability and abrasion-resistance. A riveted structure connects the cylinder body and back cover, as well as the piston and piston rod, creating a compact and reliable product.

Cylinder Industrial Applications

We serve a wide variety of business sectors, including the bio-medical, food automation, manufacturing and transportation industries.

Cylinder Manufacturers

Headquartered in Taiwan, AirTac International Group has over twenty years of experience manufacturing pneumatic equipment that is used around the world. In addition to producing cylinders, they manufacture control components, air preparation products and accessories. Operating under a profit-sharing scheme, AirTac is dedicated to customers and employees alike, and guarantees quality products.


Humphrey Automation Inc.
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