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Automated Valves

Humphrey Automation Inc. supplies a full range of pneumatic components and integrated solutions, including valves, tubing, actuators and fittings. We are happy to develop prototypes of many pneumatic products, and always provide our customers with outstanding customer service. We offer products in metric and imperial sizes, as well as same day shipment on stock items. With thirty-plus years as an industry leader and an exceptional team, Humphrey Automation helps you select the products that best suit your applications, and are always there to answer questions every step of the way. 

Automatic Valves Product Line

We distribute a wide variety of valves produced by reliable manufacturers around the world.

  • AirTac manufactures solenoid, pneumatic and flow control valves. Solenoid valves in the 3V3 series are leak-proof, flexible in direction change, available in normally closed and normally open models, and need no additional oil for lubrication. Flow control valves in the 2L(XD) series are easily installed and dismounted, can quickly change direction, and suit high-temperature applications. Pneumatic control valves 4A100 series include two-position air control valves, and feature little attrition friction, low start pressure and long service life.
  • Koganei manufactures solenoid valves, air piloted valves and more. Their pilot-actuated square type valves are available in numerous sizes to suit a range of applications. These highly reliable valves achieve powerful action and low current. Their quick exhaust air-piloted valves control air coming from two directions, even at different pressure levels.

Automatic Valves Industrial Applications

We serve a wide variety of business sectors, including the bio-medical, food automation, manufacturing and transportation industries.

Automatic Valves Manufacturers

Since 1988, AirTac International Group has designed and manufactured pneumatic equipment that is used around the world. They produce actuators, control components, air preparation products and accessories. AirTac is dedicated to customers and employees alike, as well as to producing top-quality products.

Founded in 1934 and headquartered in Japan, Koganei Corporation manufactures pneumatic and hydraulic equipment, lubrication systems, electrostatic equipment and more. They are also dedicated to environmental protection, clear communication with employees and customers, and constantly developing innovative new products.


Humphrey Automation Inc.
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