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Plastic Bags

Hood Packaging Corp. can provide any major style of plastic bag material including polyethylene, nylon, and metallocene. We have nine plastic packaging plants in North America. We provide a selection of flexible plastic bags that offer high performance. We developed these bags through a combination of the best materials and processes in the industry to provide the highest quality appearance and performance. In addition to plastic bags, we provide a variety of of shrink film, laminated rollstock, pallet wraps, liquid packaging, and more. Our products are competitively priced and consistently exceed customers’ expectations.

Plastic bag materials

Here are some of the features of our plastic bag materials:

  • Polyethylene and nylon multilayer film structures provide high barrier security for chemicals, salt, oxides, and other reactant products.
  • Both monolayer and multilayer films with balanced shrink properties and silicone release varnishes and lacquers.
  • Our films offer better value over traditional packaging that is susceptible to moisture and breakage.
  • Our new constructions offer a variety of choices for packaging of sift-able contents like salt, cement and minerals. These new options include micro perforations, handle attachments, and sonic sealed valve configurations.
  • Appealing graphics with 10-colour and over lacquer printing.
  • We offer stiffer films to makes filling operations easier.
  • Our bags are ideal for both industrial and consumer markets

Plastic bag materials expertise

The history of our company dates back more than 50 years to when it was known as Southern Bag Corporation and consisted of a single packaging facility. Since then we have evolved into a world leader in the industry with nine manufacturing plants for plastic packaging and eight for paper bag packaging. That success is due to our continuous improvement, reliable service, exceptional product quality, and on-time delivery. Thanks to the size and history of our company, we benefit from the expertise of many experienced employees.

Plastic bag materials industries

We serve a wide variety of diverse industries including both consumer and industrial markets. Some of the applications for our packaging materials include reinforced handle bags, reclose-able packaging, valve bags, open mouth bags, paper bags and more. Our bags are used for products ranging from asphalt and limestone to feed and fertilizer. We can provide specialty plastic bags to meet any requirements.

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