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Paper Bags

Hood Packaging Corp. can provide paper bag materials of any style. Our high performance paper bags offer unparalleled appearance and quality due to a combination of the best materials and manufacturing processes. We have eight paper bag plants in North America, and we make some of the best multiwall bags in the industry. Our bags are appealing both to industrial and consumer markets thanks to a superior graphics, grease barrier stability, various closure options, and eight-colour and over-lacquer printing of top quality. In addition to paper materials, we can supply a variety of plastic film and bags.

Paper bag materials

We can provide paper bag materials including single wall, multiwall, weather resistant and more. Our high performance bags are made with high-stress Kraft paper, which offers cost savings through a reduction in paper plies and basis weights while maintaining the quality appearance of your traditional packaging.

We can provide single wall paper bags that are 200 per cent stronger than conventional multiwall bags. We use coated paper to make our weather resistant bags that stand up to adverse conditions. Our pasted patch bottoms and improved performance valves offer high strength and sift proof closures. These improvements ensure our bags perform well with filling equipment.

Paper bag materials expertise

Our company has been a leader in packaging design and manufacturing for more than 50 years. During that time we have earned our position as a world leader in packaging by offering superior quality, prompt delivery, and reliable customer service. Our extensive experience allows us to utilize the expertise of knowledgeable employees.

Paper bag materials industries

We make paper and plastic packaging for a wide variety of both consumer and industrial markets. Some of the applications for our paper packaging include sewn open-mouth bags for absorbents, chemicals and food; self-opening sacks for charcoal, flour and pet litter; pasted valve bags for clays, chemicals and seed. So regardless of your specific application, we have the experience to supply an appropriate solution.

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