Hood Packaging Corp.
2380 McDowell Rd, Burlington, Ontario, L7R 4A1 Canada View map
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Hood Packaging Corp. manufactures a wide range of packaging for industrial and consumer markets. The many options we provide include film and bags made from flexible plastic, multiwall paper, and coated paper. We offer packaging for liquids ranging from dairy products to reactive chemicals. We can provide printing and decorating services with high quality eight-colour graphics. We have been in the industry since 1952 and have facilities throughout the United States and Canada. Our numerous facilities allow us to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers.


Flexible plastic packaging: rugged monolayer and multilayer films, balanced shrink properties, silicone release varnishes and lacquers offer superior resistance to breakage and moisture. Polyethylene and nylon multilayer film structures make this packaging a safe option for reactant products including chemicals, oxides and salts.

Multiwall paper packaging: provides twice the strength of ordinary multiwall bags. Our high performance paper bags are made with high stress Kraft paper. This packaging can reduce your costs due to reduced paper plies and basis weights, yet maintain the quality appearance of your products' traditional packaging. We offer weather resistant bags.

Coated products: Monoextruded or co-extruded resins are available. We can provide coatings on a wide range of basis weight papers. Several core options are available. Our coated products meet ASTM standards.

Woven polypropylene packaging: features high puncture resistance and tensile strength due to the woven design. This packaging provides a high coefficient of friction for stacking integrity.

Liquid packaging: A wide variety of film structures and blends, including monolayer and multilayer. Up to eight colour process print. We can provide dairy pouches and stand up pouches with spouts.

Packaging expertise

We provide innovative products to meet the evolving needs of our customers including environmentally friendly packaging. We are the first company to provide film and equipment suitable for inner bags up to ten liters. We have practical knowledge of liquid packaging due to experience developing vertical form fill seal equipment. Our graphics and printing capabilities have made us a leading provider for markets that where print excellence is needed.

Packaging industries

We have experience meeting the requirements of a variety of industrial markets including automotive, cement, chemicals, frozen foods, metal wrap, paper mill wrap, roofing underlay, and more. Our industrial packaging includes pallet wraps, barrier packaging, and form fill seal rollstock. We also supply packaging for consumer markets such as lawn and garden, magazine wrap, medical, pet food, and textiles.

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