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Sheet Metal Fabricating

Our sheet metal fabricating service offers a wide variety of products sure to enhance the quality of your business. When you buy supplies, you want to be sure that they’ll work for your application, but you also need to know that they will last and prove cost-efficient. At Holocene Solutions Inc., we can craft drums, pallets and docks out of tough yet lightweight sheet metal for any type of condition. Our products benefit from extensive customization options, as well as strong customer service and pricing procedures.

Drums, pallets and docks to meet your needs

We use the highest-grade sheet metal to manufacture a wide variety of products to benefit your business. Each of our products are manufactured using durable aluminum and stainless steel to provide the most stability possible. We manufacture stainless steel drums in different sizes and with many different openings, finishes and custom features. Our aluminum pallets provide excellent support and strength while remaining lightweight and easy to remove. We also manufacture lightweight aluminum docks for recreational use.

Nuclear, chemical, pharmaceutical applications and more

In the past, we’ve worked with clients in a wide range of industries to ensure our products have fully met their applications. We have served representatives in the nuclear, chemical, pharmaceutical industries, as well as many others. Our products meet certifications for nuclear and chemical storage, and we can provide products for effective storage, shipping and more.

Strong customization and customer support

Your business’s needs are rarely stock or standard and our products aren’t either. We provide additional features and customized options, including valves, finishes, coating and more. We’ll work with you prior to ordering to ensure that the products we send you will get the job done right.

About us

Based in Montreal, we have nearly 25 years of manufacturing experience behind us. Allow us to put that skill and adept customization ability to work for your company.

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