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Radioactive Material Waste Containers

We offer radioactive waste containers that meet the highest storage standards. Radioactive waste produces unique storage challenges for businesses. Your containment units need to provide extra safety measures to prevent dire consequences. Holocene Solutions Inc.’s line of hazardous material containers are designed to both UN and IAEA standards. We have past experience supplying products to companies that produce radioactive waste and offer a wide variety of standard and custom options to fit your closes specification.

Sturdy drums designed to exceed safety standards

We can modify our stainless steel drums to meet your requirements for storing radioactive waste. Our regular drums can hold up to 55 gallons of material and feature a 2B finish. They come in a closed head variety with small openings for siphoning. We even out all crevices within our drums to allow decontamination to work more effectively.      For applications involving radioactive waste, we recommend our UN 1A1/X1.8 drums, which are designed to meet strict quality standards. They follow IAEA specifications with a secure closed head drum and feature extra finishes and linings to ensure maximum safety. These drums can also be fitted with a wide variety of customizable features.

Wide uses within nuclear industry

We have provided containment options for many companies within the nuclear industry. Our products can be used for a wide variety of radioactive storage applications.

Custom options available

We offer a wide variety of custom options to our customers. These include optional rib removal, valves, openings and more. We also sell accessories such as dollies, lifting systems and more. Our customer service staff works with you to ensure that the products you order meet your specific needs.

About us

With a dedication to customer service and product excellence, a passion for producing strong and long-lasting products and a thirst for innovation, Holocene Solutions Inc. has provided unique containment and storage options for nearly 25 years.

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