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Metal Pallets

We offer sturdy metal pallets to help you store and move bulk products with ease. Pallets are necessary for many businesses, but material like wood are heavy, break easily and often don’t stand up well to volatile conditions. Holocene Solutions Inc. designs lightweight aluminum pallets that withstand heavy loads and harsh environments. We offer a wide variety of rackable pallet options, with customization options designed to better fit your needs.

Sturdy and resistant aluminum pallets

Our pallets are made of aluminum to ensure quality strength while eliminating the substantial weight of wood and other materials. Designed to stay clean, our products feature top decks designed to better grip your product. Our standard pallets tend to be about 40” long by 40” wide and can carry 12,000 lbs. of non-moving weight. It can also accommodate 3,000 lbs. of moving weight, so long as that weight is distributed evenly across the pallet. We feature four different styles, including single face with no bottom layer, double face non-reversible with planks at the ends and middle of the pallet, double face fully reversible with planks distributed evenly throughout the pallet and double face four way entry with openings for jacks on each side of the pallet. Each model is designed to stand up to volatile temperatures, odours and fire.

Nuclear, pharmaceutical and chemical uses

We do substantial business with the nuclear, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, and our pallets have proven to be effective in each. Its durability and resistance to environmental factors ensures that it is sure to work in the industrial application you desire.

Painting and marking available

We offer a wide variety of customization for each of our products. Painting and other means of identifying your pallets can be provided. They can also be shipped intact or disassembled to suit your convenience.

About us

Holocene Solutions Inc. is a Montreal-based manufacturer of sheet metal-based products. We provide drums, pallets and more to ensure that your containment and storage needs are met. We also provide excellent customer service and fair prices.

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