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Our drums offer unique features and superior holding capabilities compared to our competition. At Holocene Solutions Inc., we know that containment is fundamental to your business’s function. If your holding equipment leaks or deteriorates, it not only means that you lose time and product, it could affect the safety of your employees. Our products are made of stainless steel and coated with a finish that ensures your drums will remain strong long after you’ve purchased them. With unparalleled customization and service options available, we are confident our products can meet your needs.

Durable and leak-free drums, custom-made

We carry stainless steel drums for maximum sturdiness and containment. Our drums are made of stainless steel of 304 or 316L grades and commonly come in 205 L (55 gallon) drums with 22 1/2” diameters. We ensure that there are no crevices in our drums, which means your drums can be cleaned and decontaminated easily and quickly. We offer both open and closed headed drums to suit your needs. Open head drums are great for storing solid or large quantity items, and feature a stainless steel closing ring to ensure security and containment. Our closed ring heads, meanwhile, are ideal for storing liquids and feature 3/4" and 2” slots to allow filling. Each drum we sell is fully welded, with a 2B finish.

Applications for many industries

Our drums have been used for a number of purposes across industries. They’ve been sued to contain radioactive waste, high purity powder and more. We also offer a wide range of customization options to ensure that your purchase meets your needs.

Customized orders available

Prior to purchase, we maintain open communication to ensure that we provide the right product for you by inquiring about the size, number, type and material of your desired drums. We also offer a wide variety of custom options for your purchases. We can install linings for greater containment, stronger coating, more openings to allow easier filling, embossing, non-ribbed sides and more.

About us

We’re based in Montreal, but have come to cater to the world. With nearly 25 years in business, we offer metal products that last longer and work better than our competitors’ options.

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