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Stringer Stairs

Hodgson Custom Rolling Inc. can create a variety of staircase designs to match your vision. We have experience creating staircase designs such as curved, spiral and single-stringer. We can assist with your project whether you are looking for a complete staircase fabrication or simply the stringers themselves. Our large facility and range of equipment means we have very few limitations. We work with all types of materials and can create stingers of virtually any shape and size. Visit our website to see more information on our capabilities or feel free to contact us with any questions.

Stringer stairs

We make spiral and curved stringers for a wide variety of customers. In many of these projects, a unique staircase is the signature element. So it is important that they are aesthetically pleasing as well as plumb, symmetrical, dimensionally accurate and structurally sound.

Our plate rolling, angle rolling, and brake forming capabilities enable us to create spiral stringers and railing of many varieties. For example, we have created oval handrails, box sections and decorative moldings with 1/4” round bar, 1” square tubing, and 6” XXS pipe from materials including carbon and stainless steel, bronze and aluminum. We perform plate steel fabrication using equipment that can accommodate thicknesses from 1/4” to 10”, and widths up to 12ft.

Stringer stairs expertise

Our company has a 60 year history and over the past two decades we have grown our spiral and curved stairs component tremendously. Our talented, skillful employees like to rise to the occasion for architectural and artistic projects. Some of the projects we have completed in the past include both channel and single plate stringers ranging from single radius designs to elliptical and compound curves of either consistent or changing pitch.

Stringer stairs applications

We have created staircases for a wide variety of settings with their own unique requirements. So no matter your specific situation, we will work with you to provide the perfect results. Some of our featured projects include a support structure for the spiral staircase at the Art Gallery of Ontario, and roof-top spiral stairs at the RIO Hotel in Las Vegas.

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