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Plate Cones

Hodgson Custom Rolling Inc. can produce plate cones to your exact specifications. We have the fabrication capabilities and the expertise to provide the highest quality products at the best value. We are happy to take on projects of any scope, whether it is a single prototype or multiple ongoing items. Prompt response and personalized service is how we work with our customers to find the most appropriate solutions to meet their requirements, no matter the industry or application. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and we pay careful attention to detail that ensures our products always meet our high standards.

Plate cones

Our extensive capabilities allow us to produce custom plate cones to meet your needs. We use mechanical and hydraulic brake presses with capacities ranging from 300T to 6000T, and can accurately form plates up to 20” thick and 14 feet wide. In addition to cones, we can form shapes including compound curves, single-bend brackets, pipe clamps, dished plates and knuckle segments. We can perform both hot and cold rolling and forming. Our plate rolling capabilities enable us to accommodate thicknesses ranging from 1/4" to 10”, and widths up to 12ft in some cases. We can also perform welding, stress relieving, saw cutting, cambering, flattening, and machining.

Plate cones expertise

Our company has been in operation for over 60 years, and that experience gives us an exceptional level of expertise. We have constantly expanded our selection of services and our capabilities. We have now become a premier provider of custom forming and rolling for heavy plate applications. We work with all types of materials to create products including transitions, gear blanks, heavy weldments, pressure vessel parts, trunnion pads, steel cylinders and rings, and more.

Plate cones industries

We serve customers from many diverse industries internationally. Some of the markets we have experience serving include OEM, energy, mining, transportation, metal processing, construction, architecture, agriculture, and food processing. Steel cones are used in a variety of applications ranging from chutes, funnels and duct transitions to ornamental.

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