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Welding Fume Exhausters

A variety of hoses and ducting for welding fume exhausters are available from Hi-Tech Duravent. We offer many versatile solutions that are suitable for many purposes. In addition to fume exhausting, we supply hoses and flexible ducting for everything from oil mist collection to handling debris, chips, and granules. Our hoses offer long lasting performance as they are durably constructed. We lead the industry in hose and ducting technology thanks to our use of advanced materials and our problem solving approach.  Hi-Tech Duravent is committed to providing ideal solutions at the best price and delivered on time. 

Welding fume exhausters

Our welding exhaust hoses are made from materials such as polyvinylchloride, thermoplastic rubber, and two ply neoprene coated polyester. We offer hoses that are self-extinguishing and UL94V-0 listed. They also feature resistance to punctures, abrasion, chemicals, and extreme temperatures.

For instance, our RFH hose has a temperature range of -50 C to 135 C. It is rated for vacuums of over 29 inches of mercury and pressures up to 28 pounds per square inch, depending on the hose diameter. 

Our hoses are available in standard diameters from 10 mm up to 24 inches, we can also provide metric and special sizes. The standard lengths are 25 feet and 50 feet. We keep a large stock of standard sizes on hand so we can promptly ship your order.

Welding fume exhauster expertise

Hi-Tech Duravent specializes in providing hose and ducting solutions to meet any requirements. We have the capability to provide products customized to meet your specifications for material, color, size, and design. We will lend our expertise to help you find the most appropriate solution and ensure that it is delivered when you need it.

Welding fume exhausters industries

Our exhaust hoses are commonly used in foundries, ship yards, welding shops, and more. We often work with customers from a variety of diverse industries such as manufacturing, construction, automotive, nuclear, medical, and aerospace.

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