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Titanium Screws

We provide a wide range of titanium screws that meet the demanding requirements of the aerospace industry and the military. The strength-to-weight ratio of titanium fasteners is what sets them apart from many other materials. Their strength is comparable to high grade steel, yet they are almost half the weight. We have a large number of manufacturers that provide our diverse selection of products. We are able to supply a solution no matter your requirements and we offer the most competitive pricing. Gould Fasteners Limited takes the hassle out of finding, purchasing, and managing your inventory of fasteners.

Titanium screws

We can provide many head styles including hex, pan, flush, 12-point, and more. We offer titanium screws that meet National Standards including NAS, MS, AS, AN, NA, ABS, ASNA, BAC, DIN and LN. We have dovetail recess threaded screws from Fastener Innovation Technology. They come in diameters ranging from 0.080” to 3/4". We have a variety of titanium screws from Ideal Fasteners Inc. in Grade CP2 titanium, including socket cap, flat socket cap, and button socket cap. They come in lengths up to 7 inches and are available in SEMs assemblies. Our manufacturers also offer custom fasteners for unique applications. So contact us and we will help find the titanium screws that are best suited to your application.

Titanium screw industries

Titanium screws are used in many situations where weight is a primary concern including the aerospace industry and automotive applications.  Our vast selection of products means we can supply appropriate fasteners for any industry.

Titanium screw expertise

We have been serving the military with high quality fasteners for over 35 years. So we have experience dealing with screws for the most heavy-duty and critical applications. Contact us and we will use our expertise to find the best products to meet your needs, so you can get back to running your business.

Fastener Innovation Technology

Fastener Innovation Technology designs and manufactures threaded fasteners for the aerospace industry.

Ideal Fasteners Inc.

Ideal Fasteners Inc. has been manufacturing a wide range of fasteners for over 30 years and has earned a strong reputation for reliability.

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