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We supply terminals that securely connect wires and electronic devices. We offer a variety of tongue styles, materials and coatings. We also provide terminal blocks, lugs, pins and various connectors. Our products are made by the top manufacturers in the industry such as Molex, Hollingsworth, and Siemon. We have a stringent quality assurance program and have been ISO certified since 1994. We have selected our suppliers for the quality of their products and their proven reliability. We offer inventory maintenance systems to ensure you always have exactly what you need, and that you receive it on time.


We have both insulated and non-insulated terminals with various tongue styles. The most secure tongue style is the ring terminal. It involves a stud or screw used to attach the terminal through a hole in the tongue. In this type of assembly, even if the nut is loosened, the terminal will not fall off. Other tongue styles include spade, pin and slotted terminals. They can offer the benefit of being easier and quicker to disconnect. We can offer both solder terminals and solder-less options.  Our terminals are available with plating such as nickel, cadmium, gold, silver, and electro-tin.

One example of the insulated terminals we can provide is the Funnel Fit terminal from Molex. It provides exceptional insulation and dampening of vibrations. It consists of a bare terminal that is snugly housed in a funneled PVC sleeve that acts as an insulator.   The funnel shape of the insulator assists in wire entry, making wire strands less likely to fold back. The result is faster production times. It is capable of accepting wire with thick insulation, and each terminal is stamped with the wire size to make them easy to identify at a glance.

Terminal expertise

We have been supplying a full product line of electronic hardware since the 1980s. Our employees are well experienced and have the knowledge to assist you in getting the fasteners you need for a wide array of applications. Our product inspectors undergo thorough training and understand how to use sophisticated measurement devices to ensure all our products meet our high standards.

Terminal industries

Gould Fasteners Limited supplies products to a number of major telecommunications and computer companies. We also supply electrical hardware to the military. Our customers are located throughout North America and Europe. So no matter your requirements or specific application, we can help you.

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