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Self-Locking Bolts

We provide a variety of self-locking bolts that have threads designed to provide resistance to vibration and loosening. They eliminate the need for adhesives or secondary operations like welding, and as a result, they can be easily removed and reused. Gould Fasteners Limited has a number of programs for managing your stock of fasteners. We will take on the responsibility of maintaining your inventory, and we can provide reliable just-in-time delivery to save you the trouble of storing excess product. As a full-service supplier, our aim is to make it fast and easy for you to get the fasteners you need on time, so you can focus on running your business.

Self-locking bolts            

We can supply self-locking bolts from industry leading manufacturers such as MacLean-Fogg. They can offer custom solutions designed to your specifications. We provide a range of bolts for automotive and aerospace industries including hex head, flush head, pan head, and flat fillister self-locking bolts. They are made from materials including titanium, Waspalloy, Inconel 718, A-286 stainless steel or alloy steels. We have the Maynard Improved Lockthread brand that uses a tri-lubular style of lockthread. It offers easy installation, high torque, sheer, and tension strength. We offer a variety of self-locking solutions from ITW Shakeproof, such as the SinuLOC and BosScrew brands. SinuLOC bolts use a sine wave at a specific location in the threading to self-lock, while BosScrew fasteners have dimples along the entire threading for locking into plastic materials.

Self-locking bolt industries

The industries that use our products include military and defense, automotive, heavy duty vehicles, industrial engines, agriculture, and more. So we have the wide variety of products needed to assist you, no matter what type of bolts you are looking for.

Self-locking bolt expertise

We have been helping our customers with all their fastening needs since 1979. That experience means we have the knowledge to assist you in getting the best products on the market. Gould Fasteners Ltd. is your best choice for bolts of all types.

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