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We have an extensive selection of screws so we can supply products for practically any application. We offer screws that feature tamper-proofing, locking, piercing, and sealing.  We get our products from a large bank of reputable manufacturers such as Amatom, Unicorp, and Fastener Innovation Technology Inc. Gould Fasteners Ltd. has been selecting the best manufacturers and expanding our product line for over 35 years. Our experience gives us the capability to offer the lowest prices on products of the highest caliber. We perform a number of services to make it simple and stress-free to get the fasteners you need.


Many of our screws meet MIL-SPEC certified requirements. We have screws designed specifically for use with electronics, and screws for the aerospace applications. We have many types including captive panel, drillet, insulated, machine, miniature, sealing, set, weld, wing, and more. We can provide head types including button, fillister, flat, headless, hex, recessed and tapped. Our screws are available in many materials including alloy steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, Monel, nickel alloys, nylon, and titanium.

Since many of our manufacturers can supply custom-to-print services, we can provide screws with whatever features, finishes, or materials are needed for unique applications.

Screw expertise

Gould Fasteners Ltd. has been distributing fasteners since 1979. We are always developing new ways to make it more efficient to find, order, and receive our products. That includes our inspections of parts and our bar-coded labels that allow shipped items to go directly where they are needed. 

Screw industries

The products we supply are used in a wide range of applications including military aircraft, medical, marine, circuit board assembly and construction. We have been serving the telecommunications, computer, and defense sectors since the founding of our company. That diverse experience has granted us the technical knowledge to understand the unique requirements of your business.

Screw manufacturers


Amatom is a full-service manufacturer that was founded in 1957. They are a leading supplier of electronic hardware.


RAF manufactures precision electronic hardware of top-quality that is used worldwide.

Fastener Innovation Technology

Fastener Innovation Technology provides robustly engineered fasteners for critical applications including airframes and engines for the aerospace industry.


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