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Quick Connect/Disconnect Terminals

We have a wide selection of quick connect/disconnect terminals that provide reliable connections. They offer features including blind-mating, piggybacking, and right-angle configurations. Our terminals are compatible with tabs of industry standard sizes. We have been supplying hardware for electronic applications since the 1980s. The large number of manufacturers who we have developed business relationships with allows us to offer the best prices on our wide selection of products. Gould Fasteners Ltd. is committed to providing exceptional customer service, quality assurance, and delivery times.

Quick connect/disconnect terminals

Our terminals that feature quick connection and disconnection are available in fully insulated, partially insulated, or non-insulated configurations. The insulation is made of materials including molded vinyl and extruded or molded nylon. The force needed to insert these terminals is low so there’s less chance of damaging delicate devices during the mating process. They are capable of blind mating as their self-aligning designs will correct minor mistakes in the angle of the terminal. They include piggyback versions that allow multiple connections using a single male connector. We can also supply right angle configurations that will save space in applications with limited room. The quick disconnect products we supply from Molex are made of brass with tin-plating. We also provide terminals from Zierick that range in sizes from 0.110” to 0.250”.

Quick connect/disconnect terminals expertise

We supply electronic hardware of many varieties and our sales staff have the technical knowledge and years of experience needed to understand your needs. They will gladly assist you in finding the right products for your application.

Quick connect/disconnect terminal industries

We supply terminals that are used in the HVAC, automotive, communications and consumer electronics industries. The applications our terminals are used in include PCBs, capacitors, switches, gauges,  relays and more. We can supply terminals to suit your requirements

Quick connect/disconnect terminals manufacturers


Zierick provides solutions to the most complex interconnection problems. They  have the capability to manufacture custom products.


Molex is the second-largest supplier of interconnection systems worldwide. They provide innovative electrical hardware and have been in business since 1938.

And many more

We have a large family of manufacturers who supply our extensive line of products.

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