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We have a wide selection of latches in various styles and configurations, and many of them are customizable. Gould Fasteners Ltd. makes it easy to find and purchase whatever type of latches you need and receive them on time. Our service programs such as Dock-to-Stock and Just-In-Time mean we inspect your latches before they reach you and we take responsibility for maintaining your inventory.

Latch styles and types:

Compression spring latches

Compression spring latches can be used in applications where water tight and air tight seals are needed. Some types of compression and cam latches we can provide include lift and turn, self-adjusting, lever, fixed grip and adjustable grip cam

Push to close

Push button latches come in many varieties that use single-hole installation, to make mounting easy. We have many concealed latches that can be hidden to maintain a flush surface. Some types of push to close levers we sell are turn to open, slide to open, pull to open and remote actuated.

Draw latches

Once the lever is folded down on draw latches they can absorb shocks and prevent accidental opening. Configuration options allow customers to choose whether they require added strength or flexibility. Many of our latches can be padlocked to provide added security. Some types of draw latches we sell include straight loop, spring loop, hooked loop and spring hook.

And many more

Most of our products are available in various sizes with your choice of finish. Whether you need a latch made of anti-corrosive high strength materials, or simpler utility latches that offer secure fastening for a reasonable price, we have what you need.

Industries: aerospace, automotive, structural engineering, medical, scientific

Gould Fasteners Ltd.'s latches are used in a variety of industries from metal cutting and automotive to medical and scientific. They are used in applications including shipping containers, construction equipment, aircraft access panels, furniture, HVAC and machine tools. We provide latches to customers in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.



Southco has a vast collection of various hardware suitable for many applications. Their product lines include over 25,000 products in their catalogue and they also offer many custom configurations for their latches.


Nielsen manufactures a comprehensive line of hardware for cases and containers at their cutting-edge North American manufacturing facility. They work with customers to design hardware that will satisfy the industry demands. Nielsen provides top notch customer support.


Hartwell makes latching and fastening hardware that offers quick accessibility. Their products are used in aircraft and industrial applications. They have been in the business of manufacturing hardware for aircraft since the beginning of World War II.

And many more expert manufacturers

We have partnerships with many manufacturers so we can supply the perfect latches for your unique applications

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