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Installation Tools

Installation tools of many types are available from Gould Fasteners Ltd. We can supply a wide range of equipment, including everything from hand tools to robotic installation systems. Our products are made by experienced manufacturers including Advel, Staffall, and Celus Fasteners Mfg. Inc. We carefully choose our suppliers to ensure we offer the best products, and over 90 per cent of our manufactures are ISO 9001:2008 certified. We offer several inventory management systems such as KanBan, Dock-to-Stock, and Just-In-Time. These services can be tailored to meet your unique needs. Our objective is to make it as easy as possible for you to get the right products on time.

Installation tools

Many of our suppliers offer various installation tools along with their fasteners and hardware. For example, the Fastriv® self-piercing rivet system is available with many options for tooling, including everything from hand tools to robotic installation equipment. 

For electronics manufacturing, Staffall provides a complete tooling line that ensures terminals are installed properly. Their products range from flaring and roll tools for rivet terminals to insertion tools for Nurl-Loc and Press-Mount terminals.

From Celus Fasteners Mfg. Inc., we can supply installation power tools including rivet pistols and vertical access production rivet tools. Heavy duty hand riveters, tool kits, and accessories are also available.

Installation tool expertise

Since the establishment of our business in 1979, we have been dedicated to providing the best products with traceability and on time. Our product offering includes a complete line of fasteners, hardware, and installation tools for a variety of applications.

Installation tool industries

We have been supplying solutions to meet the stringent requirements of the military since the founding of our company. Over the years, we expanded our business to include supplying of electronic, telecommunications, and industrial hardware for many uses. Our products are used around the world for construction, aerospace, defense, and medical applications.

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