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High Strength Bolts

Gould Fasteners Ltd. provides a variety of high strength bolts for use in demanding applications such as the aerospace industry. Many of our products are also MilSpec certified. Our aim is to make it easy for customers to get the heavy duty bolts they need on time. We accomplish that through our various service programs, such as Dock-to-Stock which means we inspect your bolts before they reach you, to save you the time and money of conducting your own inspections. We'll also take responsibility for maintaining your inventory, to save you storage space and ensure you only have to purchase exactly what you need.

High strength bolts

Gould Industrial Fasteners Ltd. carries a diverse selection of high-strength bolts including aircraft bolts, heavy hex bolts, high-temperature bolts and structural bolts. Our bolts are made from materials including titanium, steel, and a variety of high strength alloys. We also provide a wide array of washers and nuts, and can provide fasteners in metric sizes. Gould Fasteners' quality assurance inspectors undergo extensive training and use cutting edge inspection equipment so our customers have complete confidence in our high strength bolts.  

Industries: aerospace, automotive, structural engineering

Our reliable, high-strength products are used in a wide range of industrial markets covering everything from construction and transportation to agriculture. We supply markets in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. Our comprehensive fastening guide can help you identify which bolts are needed for your specific application.  


Fastener Innovation Technology Inc. (FIT)

Fastener Innovation Technology Inc. (FIT) is a manufacturer of high quality bolts used in the aerospace industry. Their fasteners are used in critical applications including airframes and engines. FIT is ISO and MilSpec certified.


Infasco manufactures cold forged bolt products in a range of sizes, both imperial and metric. They have been supplying high strength bolts to distributors since 1958 and they are ISO certified. Infasco also provides hot dip galvanizing, zinc phosphating and cadmium electroplating.

Nylok Fastener Corporation

Nylok Fastener Corporation produces a line of self-sealing fasteners and permanent bonding solutions. Their products are used in applications including manufacturing, agricultural machinery and the aerospace industry. 

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