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Helicoil Thread Inserts

Gould Fasteners Ltd. provides helicoil thread inserts for applications where a strong thread is needed in a soft material. The helicoil inserts we offer will save you money on in-place cost, because their required boss is smaller than solid inserts. Many types of helicoil inserts offer improved strength, vibration resistance, and less chance of seizing. We will make it easy to get the inserts you need with our customer service and inventory management programs. Gould Fasteners Ltd. is able to offer the most competitive prices and widest selection because of our relationships with the industry's top manufacturers.

Helicoil thread inserts

We supply helicoil thread inserts ranging in length from 0.086 to 21.9 mm. They have outside diameters between 0.095 and 2.274 mm. They are available in thread sizes ranging from 1/2-13 to 9/16-18. The types inserts we can supply include tanged, tangless, 8-pitch, pipe thread, self-tapping, spark plug, oversize and twinsert. They are available in materials such as 304 stainless steel, Inconel, Phosphor bronze, titanium and carbon steel. We offer both free running and screw lock styles.

Tangless inserts provide easy installation, adjustment and removal. With these inserts, there is no need for tang break off so you don't have to worry about retrieving or losing them. There's no added stress applied to the parent material because they eliminate the need for staking, swaging or keying in place.

Pipe thread inserts are larger than the tapped hole prior to installation. Once installed, the outward force keeps the threading permanently in place, and provides a strong, leak proof joint.

Spark plug inserts feature a serrated top coil that is staked into the parent material. As a result, they can easily withstand the high performance and temperature requirements for spark plug ports.

Oversize inserts and twinserts are used to correct tapped holes that have been stripped, or mistakenly tapped with the wrong diameter. To achieve the correction, oversize inserts have a wire cross section that's larger than normal, while twinserts are designed in be installed inside another insert.

Industries served

We have experience serving a wide range of clients. The threaded inserts we provide are used in many industries including construction, automotive, aerospace, electronics, transportation, telecommunications and more.


Gould Fasteners Ltd. has more than three decades' experience of finding the best fasteners for our customers, ensuring our products meet the required specifications, and providing on-time delivery.

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