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Heat Sinks

Heat sinks of many varieties built by the industry's most renowned manufacturers are available from Gould Fasteners Ltd.  Our wide selection allows us to provide a heat sink to suit any application.  We can offer a variety of inventory management systems to meet your requirements. We pre-inspect all our products so you can save time by sending them directly to your stock or manufacturing floor. Customized bar coded labels are available so your employees do not have to manually enter data. Our goal is to make it easy to find the best solutions for your applications and to make sure you have them when needed.   

Heat sinks

We can offer all types of heat sinks, including stamped, extruded, and injection molded varieties. For example, we supply folded fin heat sinks made with thermally conductive thermoplastics and aluminum fins. The base structure can be injection molded into a 3D shape that conforms to electronic layouts.

We also offer heat sinks made out of flexible elastomers. These heat sinks will conform tightly to components, meaning there is no need for secondary interfaces. This method translates to cost savings and better thermal efficiency. They are ideal for use in motors, capacitors, and multi-chip applications.

High fin density heat sinks are also available that offer high performance cooling.  They are ideal for use constrained areas as they will help overcome high heat flux. The types of fins available for these heat sinks include zipper, folded, and stamped.

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Heat sink expertise

Since 1979, when our company began as a two-person operation, we have grown into a full service distributor with a full product line of fasteners and electronic hardware. During that time, we have always stayed dedicated to providing high quality products. The expert manufacturers of our heat sinks include Aavid Thermalloy, Wakefield-Vette, Thermshield, LLC., and Chip Coolers / Cool Polymers, Inc.

Industries served

Our comprehensive product selection has allowed us to serve a broad customer base. So we can handle your unique requirements for special applications. Some of the industries we often work with include aerospace, defense, IT, telecommunications, and OEM. 

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