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Flat Head Screws

Flat head screws of all types are available from Gould Fasteners Ltd. We can provide standard fasteners as well as many specialized options including cold-forged, powder coated, and insulated screws. We offer a number of services designed to streamline the purchasing process including bar coding, pre-delivery inspections, and just-in-time inventory management. Gould Fasteners Limited deals with a large number of exceptional manufacturers, and we have earned authorized distributor status due to our commitment to excellent customer service. Thanks to our relationships with our many suppliers, we are able to offer competitive pricing on our extensive inventory.

Flat head screws

We have a range of flat head screws useful for countersunk applications where a flush fit is desired. We offer many different types including socket cap, slotted, Phillips, and many more. Our threaded fasteners are available in corrosion resistant, heat treated, and high-strength models. Some of the screws we provide are capable of self-drilling, self-locking, self-piercing, self-sealing, and self-tapping. We offer metric sizes and miniature screws. The custom capabilities of our manufacturing partners allow us to offer fasteners to meet any requirements. The materials our screws are made from range from brass to high temperature nickel alloys.

Flat head screw industries

We provide screws that are used in military and commercial aircraft, electronics ranging from computers and telecommunications equipment to clocks and watches, and construction applications for fastening wood, metals and plastics.

Flat head screw expertise

We have been supplying fasteners to the military since the founding of our company, more than 35 years ago. Our experience meeting the high standards and varied applications of the defense sector shows that we have what it takes to be your primary supplier for all your fastening needs.

Flat head screw manufacturers

Z¿GO Manufacturing

Z¿GO Manufacturing offers precision self-sealing screws that effectively keep out environmental contaminants like water, sand, and oil.

Fastener Technology Corp.

Fastener Technology Corp. makes high-performance fasteners used in aerospace applications. All of their products meet or exceed the requirements for reliability, safety and quality.

And many more

We rely on an wide selection of manufacturers to be able to provide fasteners for any application. 

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