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Clinch Nuts

We have clinch nuts in many styles and sizes, and our manufacturers can supply custom solutions. We only deal with the most reliable suppliers and we preform inspections so you can have complete confidence in our products. We offer a number of programs to streamline your inventory management, and they are customizable to fit your unique needs. We do all of this because we want to make it easier and quicker for you to find, order and receive the fasteners you need to keep your business running smoothly. Gould Fasteners Ltd. will provide you with the best prices, reliable products, and outstanding customer service.

Clinch nuts

We can provide clinch nuts including hex, hex flange, and round flange styles from Gripco. They are made from carbon steel and suited for use with steel, aluminum and a variety of other materials. They are designed for sheet metal applications where extruding and tapping is not possible. They can be staked for floating installations or clinched to provide push-out strength when rigidity is required. We can also provide nylon insert clinch nuts manufactured by Greer,

Hex clinch nuts feature a hex pilot to stop rotation when installed in a hex hole. Flange clinch nuts have a large bearing surface for working with materials like aluminum that have lower tensile strength. Round clinch nuts makes assembly easier and their round pilot assists with aligning the fastener.

Clinch nuts industry applications

The clinch nuts we supply are used in many automotive applications including engine brackets, battery covers, bumper attachments, hinges for vehicle hoods and doors, seat attachments, hood striker attachments. We have years of experience serving clients from the aerospace, defense, telecommunications and electronics industries.

Clinch nuts expertise

We have been providing fastening solutions for more than 35 years.  Our background of serving clients from a range of industries internationally means we have the knowledge and technical understanding to assist you.

Clinch nut manufacturers


Gripco has been manufacturing high quality nuts since their founding in 1904. Their selection includes weld nuts, assembled products, and prevailing torque nuts.


Greer can provide specialty products no matter the complexity. They have the capability to design and manufacture all types of self-locking nuts.

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