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Brass, Bronze & Copper Bolts

Brass, bronze and copper bolts are available in many styles and sizes from Gould Fasteners Limited. We have been growing our line of fastening products for more than 35 years. We offer various inventory management systems that are customizable to meet the unique requirements of your company. We are a full service distributor and our fasteners are used in a wide range of industries. We make it easy to find the bolts you need and receive them on time.

Brass, bronze and copper bolts

We offer a comprehensive selection of bolts available in brass, bronze and copper. The types of bolts we can supply range from hex cap and carriage to spline head and blind bolts. Some of our manufacturers, such as Alcoa Fastening Systems, can produce bolts up to 14 inches in length and 1-1/4 inch diameters.  We can provide custom solutions, so we can supply you with bolts to meet virtually any requirements. Brass, bronze, and copper bolts offer a few benefits such as being able to provide a decorative finish. They are also safe to use together in applications where formation of galvanic cells is a concern. That's because they all have some resistance to producing galvanic corrosion on one another 

Brass, bronze and copper bolt expertise

Our helpful, knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you in finding the bolts to meet your specifications. We realize how difficult it can be to locate the right industrial fasteners, and our goal is to make that process easy.

Brass, bronze and copper bolt industries

Bolts made from brass, bronze and copper are often used in situations where the bolts will be visible and an attractive appearance is desired. We have experience serving industries ranging from consumer electronics to commercial transport.

Brass, bronze and copper bolts manufacturers


Alcoa is a worldwide leader in manufacturing, engineering and technology that involves light metals.

Tridair Industries

Tridair Industries supplies fasteners to a range of OEMs, the military, and companies with a focus on industrial maintenance. Their robust and innovative products are widely known and respected.


Spaenaur stocks 800 different product lines, making them one of the most versatile supplier of fastening products in the industry.

And many more.

We have a large, diverse family of manufacturers who are well-known and have strong reputations in the fastener industry. 

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