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Aircraft Fasteners

We provide a wide range of aircraft fasteners including rivets, latches, pins, nuts and more. Our products are designed to provide exceptional resistance to the extreme conditions involved in aerospace applications including severe vibrations, shocks, and temperatures. Gould Fasteners Ltd. has a stringent quality assurance program that is ISO certified. All of our products are inspected using a statistical methodology as specified in Mil-Std-105E, AQL 4. We track any products found to be out of tolerance and produce monthly reports on the performance of our suppliers. Our manufactures are carefully selected so that we can supply the best products on the market.

Aircraft fasteners

Our fasteners for aircraft meet the demanding requirements for military and aerospace applications including DOD, NSN, FSN, AN, MS and NAS. Here are some of the types of fasteners we can provide:

Captive panel

We supply a range of captive panel fasteners that are useful for applications where the material is too thin for threading. Among the styles we can provide are blind press nuts that provide protection against corrosion, moisture, dirt and oil.


We have toggle latches that provide a quick-release or pawl latches that offer locking under tension and quarter-turn operation. Our latches are available in many different styles.


We have pins that feature convenient installation, fast assembly, and strong holding power. They only require a straight-drilled hole to be installed, and the pins can be removed and reused. Quick release versions are available.


We offer o-rings that are suitable for preventing fluid movement in demanding sealing applications. They are simple, inexpensive, and easy to install. We can provide custom seals from O-Rings Inc. that have cross-sections up to 0.400¿. They are made of long-lasting compounds that are designed to retain their physical properties.

Aircraft fastener expertise

We have been supplying hardware to the military since the founding of our company in 1979. Gould Fasteners Ltd. is committed to providing helpful customer service to make it easy for you to find the exact products you need.

Industries served

We have experience working with customers from a wide range of industries. Our comprehensive selection of fasteners includes solutions for electronics, computers, telecommunications, and military and industrial hardware.

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