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Plastic Valves

With over a century of experience, GF Piping Systems designs and manufactures plastic valves, actuators, flow rate sensors, pipes, and other piping components. Our teams deliver piping products exactly as promised, and are happy to answer your questions and explain the features of all our products. Our engineering team can also custom-design pipes and other products to best suit your needs. Furthermore, we maintain our Environmental Management System through rigorous audits, self-assessments and reviews. As we continue to grow and develop, we remain committed to minimizing pollution, protecting both natural resources, and safeguarding the health of our employees, customers and neighbours. 

Plastic Valve Product Line

GF Piping Systems manufactures a wide variety of plastic valves, including manual ball valves, butterfly valves, diaphragm valves, check valves, needle valves and pressure retaining valves. We also manufacture electrically and pneumatically actuated valves. All our valves are made from top-quality plastics, including PVC, CPVC, PP-H, PVDF and others. The chart below documents some of the features of a sampling of our manual valves.



Type 353/355 COLORO Ball Valve

-150-232 PSI

-Compact, space-saving design

-Sealing materials suit water applications

Type 563 Aqua Butterfly Valve

-150 PSI; functions in temperatures 32ºF¿142¿F

-50% lower actuation torque than centric butterfly valve

-Optimized gaskets

New Generation Diaphragm Valve

-240 PSI (water use only), even surface pressure

-Doubled Cv value leads to high efficiency

-Minimal dead leg, increased purity

Type 561/562 Check Valve

-Self-closing design, corrosion-resistant

-Integrated spring for horizontal installation

-High pressure rating

Type 522 Needle Valve

-Suits compact systems; direct mounting through integrated fastening system

-Corrosion-resistant, excellent flow characteristics

Type 586 Pressure Retaining Valve

-150 PSI

-Keeps system-related pressures constant

Type 104 Electrically Actuated Ball Valve

-150 PSI

-Economic solution for less demanding applications

5-Series DIASTAR Pneumatically Actuated Diaphragm Valve

-150-240 PSI

-Non-corrosive central union nut

-Doubled Cv values lead to reduced energy expenditure

Plastic Valve Industrial Applications

Customers in a wide variety of industries can benefit from our valves. Many of our clients work in the chemical process, pharmaceutical, microelectronics, water treatment, and scientific research industries, among others.

Plastic Valve Customization Options

Working in our ISO 9001:2008-certified plant, we offer complete solutions for the conveyance, measurement and control of many liquids. Our teams also can also provide custom services and products. Our engineering team offers custom design, research and development, machining and welding services. Our custom-made products include piping assemblies and spools, subassemblies, core materials, valve boxes and cabinets. We can either modify existing products or create new products that support our standard line.

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