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Plastic Pipes

GF Piping Systems designs and manufactures top-quality plastic pipes, valves, actuators and other thermoplastic piping systems and instrumentation in our ISO 9001:2008-certified facility. We specialize in water cycle applications, but offer complete solutions for the conveyance, measurement and control of many liquids. Fast, friendly and flexible, our teams deliver dependable piping products exactly as promised, and will answer any questions that you might have. An industry leader since 1802, we are committed to minimizing pollution in the modern world, and to protecting both natural resources and human health.

Plastic Pipe Product Line

We manufacture a wide variety of plastic pipes in materials such as polypropylene, PVC, PVDF, polyethylene and CPVC. PVC is highly resistant to corrosive materials such as acids, alkalis and alcohols. Polypropylene offers excellent chemical, corrosion and temperature resistance. Polyethylene features high impact resistance at temperatures as low as -50ºC. CPVC is similar to PVC, but an additional chlorine treatment creates a material with better heat and chemical resistance.

We also manufacture secondary containment systems, cooling and refrigeration piping systems, fire sprinkler piping, pipes in metric sizes and other specialty systems.

Plastic Pipe Industrial Applications

A wide variety of customers benefit from our plastic piping systems. They work in the chemical, pharmaceutical, water treatment, pulp and paper, power generation and scientific research industries, among others.

Plastic Pipe Manufacturing Process and Customization Options

We are committed to maintaining our Environmental Management System through rigorous audits, self-assessments and reviews. We focus on sustainable development, and prioritize the health of our environment, employees and neighbours as we continue to innovate the piping industry.

We can also provide services and products that suit your company’s specific needs. Our engineering team offers custom design, research and development, machining and welding services. Our custom-made products include piping assemblies and spools, subassemblies, core materials, valve boxes and cabinets. We can either modify existing products or create new products that support our standard line.

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